Our worlds:


World Adventures is comprised of Old World Adventures, Ventures of Opportunity, and Sunstorm Adventures; each is run and managed by a different story lead who is responsible for script writing, costume design and kit creation.


Old World Adventures is inspired by the Warhammer Fantasy world. Character progression is via careers. You will  start your adventuring life as a baker, a scout or perhaps a beekeeper and work towards the high profile careers such as a Templar of a renown religious order, a Doctor or even a Philosopher. Can you survive in a world where Chaos thirsts for your soul; the petty political machinations of the town council could spell your doom; a long forgotten evil walks the forest paths; where kindness, hope and freedom have given way to cruelty, greed and despair?   


Start your adventure here! Sign up for one of our events and find your place in our story. Will you be a hero? Will you stand and fight against the Gods know what? Will you brave our new world? Will you stand shoulder to shoulder with your new companions?


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