2017 Events

1/4/17: All Fools Day

The first OWA event for 2017. Strange foot prints have been found and even more worrying faint, barely noticable, tracks walk along side these new and out of place marks.


Ideal for all players new and experienced alike.


Cost: £15.00 to play; free to play if it is your first event and free to crew.

22/4/17: The Fallen Master

The second OWA event of 2017. The history, hope and failings of the enemies enemy.

Relaxing Chair

The third OWA event of 2017. A sacred day to the Goddess of mercy.

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OWA events are held at various locations detailed on the map as Car Park 001 to Car Park 004. When an adventure is run a Car Park will be referenced indicating where everyone is to meet.


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